Public Relations Office

 Roles & Functions :

  • (1)  Public Relations Officer shall be under the direct control of the Registrar and shall assist the Registrar in the matter as per needs.
  • (2)  He shall be responsible to ensure that the information relating to the University is dissiminated. He shall have to accordinate the provision of media for communication purposes, publicizing of social events, academic achievements of the University as concurred by the Registrar.
  • (3)  He shall have to maintain the enquiry service for students; staff and also for visitors to the University regarding courses being conducted, the examination and admission rules.
  • (4)  He shall have to forward information about the views and reaction of the community on the various University decisions, feedback to review its existing programme and plan for the future. He should keep liaison in institutions of academic/research Govt research and development organisations or similar institution and shall dissiminate information through periodicals, booklets, press advertisements and audio visual media.
  • (5)   He shall have acquaintance with printing techniques.
  • (6)  He shall assist the Vice-Chancellor/Registrar in calling and organizing press conferences as and when required by the Vice-Chancellor/Executive Council.
  • (7)  The Public Relations Officer shall have all disciplinary powers and responsibilities as that of the Deputy Registrar in respect of the staff working under him.


Contact : 

  Mr. Rahul Vanjare
         Public Relations Officer (Cont.)


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