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Introduction of Skill Development Centre



            Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University was established on 1st August 2004. Immediately after the establishment, the University has immediately started Janvikas Kendra to provide skill-oriented courses to aspirants, along with the traditional courses, since academic year 2005-2006. The Academic Council of the University, through its resolution dated 20th April 2017 renamed the centre as ‘Skill Development Centre’. It runs number of skill enhancement training programs for the UG and PG students as well as for those who are completely diverted from educational channel.

            The dynamic economic and industrial scenario of the second decade of the 21st century has noted an urgent demand of skilled human resource. By keeping in mind this demand, the Centre holds skill-oriented courses of the duration of six months or one year. The objectives of the Centre are not only limited to the production of skilled workers, but it also aims to inculcate an ability to develop their own business.



  • To provide skill-oriented training along with traditional courses
  • To provide skill-oriented employment opportunities and accordingly produce skilled human resource
  • To establish the association between the University and industrial sector to attain the mutual needs
  • To support deprived, disadvantaged and women to become economically independent by providing skill-oriented teaching-learning experience
  •  To affiliate the registered institutions along with the affiliated colleges to realize the social responsibility of the University


Nature of the Centre:

     The centre has undertaken the special efforts to ensure the quality of teaching and training imparted by the centre. All the courses conducted by the centre follow the patterns, written, practical and internship examinations. In order to conduct the training programmes, the Centre appoints the skilled and eligible teachers and trainers from the affiliated colleges.  Along with training in order to have a practical experience, laboratories, libraries, workshops and seminar halls are made available.

        Skill Development Centre is conducting the Certificate and Degree Courses of minimum three papers or maximum six papers. In each semester minimum 40 lectures of each paper are mandatory and            minimum 50 % papers should be of practice nature.


Logo of Centre



Meaning and Salient Features of Logo:

 Different colours, signs and symbols are included in the logo that essentially reflects the aims and objectives of the centre:

  1. Red Colour:  The red colour is included in the logo as it represents enthusiasm and strength, which are the marked characteristics of youth.
  1. Orange Colour: Innovation, creativity, imagination, balance, energy and happiness are reflected in the logo by it.
  2. Blue Colour: Blue is used to reflect deliquesce and deepness of thoughts along with the characteristics like belief, loyalty, self-confidence, wisdom, intelligence and truth.  
  1. Computer: As the centre extensively utilizes the computer and related technology, computer is included in the logo. It also stands for science and technology.
  2. Spanner:  The symbol of spanner is used to reflect industrialization and skilfulness.
  1. Pen: Pen is used to indicate the motif of the centre that the aspirants should acquire the skill-based courses and develop employability and entrepreneurship.
  2. Stethoscope: It is used to represent the paramedical courses conducted by the centre. The acquisitions of skills related to the paramedical, make the students of traditional courses eligible to grab the opportunities of employment in the medical field.
  1. Stick of Wheat: In order to reflect a link between agriculture related courses and the skills, the stick of wheat is used.
  2. Overall, the logo signifies that through providing the learning and training experiences, the centre imparts a skill-oriented knowledge that enriches students with ability and competence to get a placement or start his own business for the self-development. It signifies that the students can get the skill-based learning along with their traditional courses.



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