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The Emblem of Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University speaks volume of our intention, mission and vision. It shows crystal clear the path we wish to tread, the holistic synthesis of spirituality, science, technology, commerce is finely embedded in it to make it an organic symbol. The message communicated reveals the universal truth that science and spirit, spirit and commerce, commerce and science (go hand in hand) .The attempt is to focus on the balanced growth of these facets of knowledge.

Every symbol has geo-specific as well as universal context .To anyone from this region, the central figure resembles Lord Siddheshwar (the Gramadaivata), but for layman it connotes the presence of a seer, calm and serene; yet firmly resolute to monitor human development It always warns one of his responsibility and accountability. The scientific thinking represented by revolving electrons has now become a classic symbol. It always helps us explore new thing and reminds us about our infinitesimal ness in this vast universe. The unity of science and spirit gives meaning to our life and makes civilization flourish. Commerce of any kind is the life-blood of society which rejuvenates it at every critical juncture of its development. The inner urge which leads us to 'Salvation' through knowledge is aptly represented by the age-old venerated symbol of energy-'The Flame' (Deep).


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