Welcome to Establishment  Non-Teaching Section

 Roles and Functions :


All the work related to the Non-teaching records from their appointment to retirement have been carried out in the section.


To carry out Non- teaching recruitment process as per the relevant provisions.


Updating service records and keeping service book records, leave sanction cases and leave related records and also promotion as per Government Resolution and maintain


To send caste verification proposals of the Non-teaching from the prescribed caste category who have been recruited as regular Non-teaching.


To keep roster for Non-teaching for Class I, II, III & IV up to date as per the instructions given by the government from time to time.


Implementation of other welfare schemes for Non-teaching as per government norms.


Implementing DCP process in respect of Non-teaching promotion.


Taking time-to-time review of salary benefits, Pay Fixation,, Annual Salary Increment  etc. sending proposals of pay fixation to Divisional Joint Director  Higher Education, Solapur and Accounts  Officer Higher Education, Solapur Division. Doing Follow Up for Approval and Certification from the concerned.


Submission of Medical Reimbursement Scheme and related payments to the Government for approval.


As per the rules applicable to regular Non-teaching to carry out process regarding disciplinary actions in case of violation of disciplinary rules.


Taking approval from Hon. Registrar for on duty leave and other leaves of regular Non-teaching as per the provisions of the Regulations. Maintain all records regarding the leaves.


 To report the details for salary of the contract Non-teaching appointed for temporary period to the Finance and Accounts Department with the approval of senior’s officials.


To start the process of retirement proposal 6 months before the retirement of Non- teaching and to follow up till it is approved by the government.


 To look after correspondence to various departments of Central and State Governments and similar State Institutions.


To carry out all the functions of the Department Promotion Committee as per the instructions of the Hon’ble Chairman and members of the Committee.


 In case of court cases of regular Non-teaching providing all records of regular Non- teaching as per law department’s demand.


 To invite application for Gazzated Officers and scrutinize and provide the officers, for the approval from the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.


To maintain records regarding muster and attendance.


 To maintain seniority list of Non-teaching staff.


Contact : 

http://www.sus.ac.in/uploads/general/images%20(1).png       Mr. Anand Pawar
               Assistant Registrar (Establishment Section)

http://www.sus.ac.in/uploads/general/download%20(2).png       est.section@sus.ac.in 

http://www.sus.ac.in/uploads/general/download%20(3).png       0217 - 2744778 (Ext. 183)



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