Revised Semester Pattern Syllabus II AIHC&A OK.pdf* B.A. Part-I (Economics ) (Sem. I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
* B.A.Part-I (A.I.H.C.) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.A. Part-I (Political Science) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
* B.A. Part-I (Philosophy) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.A. Part-I (Psychology) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
* B.A. Part-I (Sociology) (Sem.I & II ) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.A. Part-I (Geography)(Sem. I & II ) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.A. Part-I (N.S.S. ) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
* M.A.Part-I (Economics) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
* M.A. Part-I (History) (Sem.I & II ) w.e.f.2013-14
* M.A.Part-I (A.I.H.C.&A.) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
* M.A.Part-I (Political Science) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
* M.A. Part- I (Philosophy) (Sem.I & II ) w.e.f. 2013-14
* M.A.Part-I (Psyshcology) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* M.A. Part-I (Sociology) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
* M.S.W. Part-I (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* M.A.Part- I Mass Communication Science (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* M.A. Part-I (Rural Development ) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14

B.A.Part-I- w.e.f. 2013-14 B.A.Part-II- w.e.f. 2014-15 B.A.Part-III- w.e.f. 2015-16
B.A.Part-I-History B.A.Part-II-History B.A.Part-III-History
B.A.Part-I-A.I.H.C.A.  B.A.Part-II-A.I.H.C.A B.A.Part-III-A.I.H.C.A.
B.A.Part-I-Economics  B.A.Part-II-Economics B.A.Part-III-Economics
B.A.Part-I-Geography  B.A.Part-II-Geography B.A.Part-III-Geography
B.A.Part-I-Philosophy  B.A.Part-II-Philosophy B.A.Part-III-Philosophy
B.A.Part -I- N.S.S.  B.A.Part-II-N.S.S.  
B.A.Part-I -Political Science  B.A.Part-II-Political Science B.A.Part-III-Political Science
B.A.Part-I- Psychology  B.A.Part-II-Psychology B.A.Part-III-Psychology
B.A.Part-I -Sociology  B.A.Part-II-Sociology B.A.Part-III-Sociology
B.A.II-Geography (w.e.f.2015-16-CGPA)    


M.A.Part-I- w.e.f. 2013-14 M.A.Part-II- w.e.f. 2014-15
 M.A.Part-I-Sociology M.A.Part-II-Sociology
M.A.Part-I- A.I.H.C.&A. M.A.Part-II-A.I.H.C.& A.
M.A.Part-I-Philosophy  M.A.Part-II-Philosophy
 M.A.Part-I-Political Science M.A.Part-II-Political Science
M.A.Part-I-Economics  M.A.Part-II-Economics
M.A.Part-I- Histroy  M.A.Part-II-History
M.A.Part-I- Mass Communication M.A.Part-II-Mass Communication
M.A.Part-I- Psychology  M.A.Part-II-Psychology
M.A.Part-I - Rural Development M.A.Part-II-Rural Development
M.A.Part-I&II-Applied Economics  


Ph.D.Course Work-Mass Communication and Journalism - w.e.f.June 2013

M.Phil/Ph.D.Course Work Syllabus w.e.f.June 2014-15

Common Paper-I- All Social Science Faculty
A.I.H.C&A. Econimics
History Library & Information Science
Mass Communication Philosophy
Psychology Social Work
Political Science Rural Development

All M.A.I - Social Sciences- Choice Based Credit System Syllabus
(w.e.f. June 2015-16)

M.A.I- Political Science M.A.I- Philosophy
M.A.I- Sociology M.A.I- Economics
M.A.I- History M.A.I- Psychology
M.A.I- A. I. H. C. & A. M.A.I-Mass Communication
M.A.I-Rural Development M.S.W. Part-I (Sem I & II)
M A I & II Eco (University Campus)  

All B.A. I (Sem-I&II)-Choice Based Credit System Syllabus-w.e.f. June-2016-17

B.A. I (Sem I & II) - History B.A. (Sem I & II) -A.I.H.C. &A
B.A. I (Sem I & II) - Political Science B.A. I (Sem I & II) -Economics
B.A. I (Sem I & II) Philosophy B.A.I (Sem I&II)- Sociology
B.A. I (Sem I & II) - Psychology B.A.I (Sem I&II) Geography
B.A.I (Sem I&II) - STD Geography B.A.I (Sem- I& II) N. S. S.
B. A. I (Sem-I&II) N.C.C.   

All M.A. II (Sem-III & IV)-Choice Based Credit System Syllabus-w.e.f. June-2016-17

M.A. II (Sem - III&IV) Sociology M.A. II (Sem III & IV) History & Archo
M.A. II (Sem - III&IV) Philosophy M.A. II (Sem - III&IV) Political Science
M.A. II (Sem - III&IV) Economics M.A. II (Sem - III&IV) History
M.A. II (Sem III & IV) Mass. Commu. M.A. II (Sem - III&IV) Psychology
M.A. II (Sem III & IV) Rural Development M.S.W. II (Sem - III&IV)


B.A.III-Geography (CGPA Pattern) w.e.f. June-2017

All B.A. II (Sem III & IV) - Choice Based Credit System Syllabus - w.e.f. June 2017-18

B.A. II (Sem III & IV) History  B.A. II (Sem III & IV) A.I.H.& C.
B.A.II (Sem III & IV) Geography B.A.II (Sem III & IV) GOT & RGM(IDS)
B.A. II (Sem III & IV) Economics B.A. II (Sem III & IV) Philosophy & IDS
B.A. II (Sem III & IV) N.S.S. B.A. II (Sem III & IV) Political Science
B.A. II (Sem III & IV) Psychology & IDS B.A. II (Sem III & IV) Sociology
B.A. II (Sem III & IV) N.C.C.  

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication and Bachelor of Library Information Science Couses Syllabus w.e.f. 2017-18

B.J.M.C (Sem I & II) B.Lib (Sem I & II)

Revised M.A. I Psychology (Sem I & II) Choice Based Credit System Syllabus w.e.f. 2017-18



Democracy, Elections and Good Governance
All UG First Year (Semester-II) w.e.f. June-2017-18
Environmental Studies
All UG Second Year (semester-IV) 
w.e.f. June-2017-18
Revised Democracy, Elections and Good Governance
All UG First Year (Semester - II) w.e.f. June-2018-19

All B.A. III (Semester V & VI) Choice Based Credit System Syllabus w.e.f. 2018-19

B.A. III Economics B.A. III History
B.A. III Political Science B.A. III Sociology
B.A. III Psychology B.A. III Philosophy
B.A. III AIHC & A B.A.III Geography


Revised Syllabus for
Bachelor of Library and Information Science w.e.f. June 2018

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