Details of Circular/Particular Circular Related To Circular Uploaded On
Circular No.7 Regrading Exam Form Submission Exam Form Submission 16/03/2020
Circular Regarding Mar/Apr 2020 Exam  Exam Section 06/03/2020
Circular No.6 Regarding Exam Session Exam Session 27/02/2020
Circular No.5 Regarding Senior Supervisor and Flying Squad  Senior Supervisor and Flying Squad 24/02/2020
Circular No.2 Regarding Repeater Student Exam Form Date And Fee (REVISED) Repeater Student Exam Form Date And Fee 15/02/2020
Circular Regarding Senior Supervisor and Flying Squad Senior Supervisor and Flying Squad 22/01/2020
Circular regarding dates of application for MA,Music,Tabla,Natak, MBA and BVoc in engineering colleges Exam dates 10/01/2020
Answer book assessment letter   09/01/2020
Cricular No.112 Regarding Exam Form Submission Date for LL.B,B.Ed,B.P.Ed.,M.Ed.,M.P.Ed Sem-I Exam Form Submission Date 16/12/2019
Circular Regarding Answer Paper Assessment of Oct-Nov 2019 Exam Assessment Of Exam  19-12-2019
M.Sc practical Exam conduct Letter Exam conduct Letter 16/11/2019
Circular No. 110 Regarding Exam Session Period Exam Session Period 15/11/2019
CHB Teacher Assessment Work Application Form  Work Application Form 07/11/2019
Circular No. 109 Regarding Exam Date Change of M.A. Part-l, Semester -ll, Economics Gr.C Paper-l Micro Economic Anatysi Exam Date Change 06/11/2019
One day workshop of BMPS Software registation for Engineering and Pharmacy Colleges BMPS Software Workshop 06/11/2019
Circular No . 107  Regaring UA Practical Marks Entry from College Login University Practical Exam Marks 05/11/2019
Answerscript collection from various colleges Schedule of Answerscript Collection 1/11/2019
Circular No. 106 Regarding Exam Date Change of B.A. LL.B - III (Sem - VI) Exam Date Change 30/10/2019
Circular No. 100 Regarding Exam Date Change of University Campus M.A., M.Com., M.Sc.(All Subject) and MCA(Science)  Exam Date Change 24/10/2019
Circular No. 99 Regarding Exam Date Change of M.Sc.(All Subject) and MCA(Science) Exam Date Change 24/10/2019
Circular Regarding  Internal Marks Upload & Submission Exam Date 16/10/2019
Circular Regarding use of university old answer sheet  use of university answer sheet  11/10/2019
Circular Regarding Oct/Nov 2019 Exam:  General instructions and Barcode System Oct/Nov 2019 Exam 04/10/2019
Circular Regarding Revised Remunration Rate
F.Y. 2019-20
Revised Remunration Rate F.Y. 2019-20 04/10/2019
Junior Supervisor Report/Absent Form  Jr. Supervisor Report/Absent Form 04/10/2019
दि. २१/१०/२०१९ रोजी विधानसभा सार्वत्रिक निवडणूकीचे मतदान असल्याने   दि. २१/१०/२०१९ व २२/१०/२०१९ या दिवशीच्या परीक्षेबाबत...    - 03/10/2019
Circular No.93 Repeated Engg. Student of all faculty Exam Form Date and Fee Repeated Student Exam Form Date And Fee 03/10/2019
Meeting of Principal & Exam Related Staff Exam Oct/Nov 2019 27/09/2019
Onscreen Evaluation Workshop for College Teacher Exam Oct/Nov 2019 27/09/2019
Exam Session Period Oct 2019 Exam Session Period 24/09/2019
जुलै 2019 ते ऑगस्ट 2019 या कलावधीत अतिवृष्टीमुळे उद्भवलेल्या पूर परिस्थितीत बाधित आपदग्रस्तांना मदत करण्याबाबत  - 24/09/2019
Urgent Circular Exam Date 16/09/2019
Late Fee Letter Oct 2019 Late Fee Letter 11/09/2019
Circular Regarding English Instrucations  English Instrucations 31/08/2019
Circular No.91 Regading Senior Supervisor and flying squad Senior Supervisor And Flying Squad 28/08/2019
Regarding Pattern Change Students Pattern Change Student 28/08/2019
Circulars regarding NPTEL & Self Learning Courses NPTEL & Self Learning Courses 21/08/2019
Circular No.89 Repeated Student of all faculty Exam Form Date and Fee Repeated Student Exam Form Date And Fee 19/08/2019
External Admisssion Circular 2019-20 External Admission 31/07/2019
Cirular Regarding the nominees for external senior supervisor and flying squad Senior supervisor and flying squad 05/07/2019
Corrected Copy Of Examination Fee Exam Fee Chart 14/06/2019
Letter related to collect exam fee for both semester Exam Fee 24/06/2019
Circular Regarding Result Correction Result Correction 07/06/2019
Circular Regarding Advance Settlement Mar/Apr 2019 Advance Settlement 07/06/2019
Circular Regarding Photocopy and Revaluation March / April 2019 Photocopy and Revaluation  24/05/2019
Circular regarding formula for conversion of CGPA to percentage marks  CGPA to percentage conversion formula 16/05/2019
Circular For Online Question Paper Distribution System Mar/April 2019 Exam 27/03/2019
Circular for Student Seating Arrangement  Mar/April 2019 Exam 16/03/2019
Circular No.74 regarding internal supervisor according to session  Internal Supervisor According To Session 13/03/2019
First Year Practical Exam Practical Exam  25/02/2019
Circular Regarding Internal Mark Submission Exam Mar/Apr 2018 Internal Mark Submission 16/02/2018
Circular About M.E. Dissertation Course Dissertation  
Excel Sheet for personal information of employees Employees Information  
Circular Regarding to sumbit copy cases to the main CAP Center & fill the online information for Oct/Nov 2016 exam is available on website Lapses  
Circular Regarding Internal Mark Submission Exam Mar/Apr 2017 Internal Mark Submission  
Circular regarding B.Sc Sem - I old Pattern student equivalent Subject exam oct 2017 Equivalent Subject  



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