M.Phil. and Ph. D.


Sr.No Details
1 Ph.D. Rules & Regulations 2018-19
2 Circular for eligibility and examination forms for Ph.D Students
3 Ph.D. degree awarded Notification-I
4 Ph.D. degree awarded Notification-II
5 Ph.D degree awarded Notification-III
6 Ph.D. degree awarded Notification-IV
7 Ph.D. degree awarded Notification-V
8 Ph.D. degree awarded Notification-VI
9 Ph.D. degree awarded Notification-VII
10 Ph.D. degree awarded Notification-VIII
11 Ph.D.Thesis writting language circular
12 Application form for PG Teacher recognition/M.Phil/Ph.D.guideship
13 Guidelines for PG Teacher recognition
14 Circular for Ph.D students registered before 2010
15 Ph.D.six monthly progress report format 2016
16 Ph.D.research centre guidelines/rules
17 Ph.D.course Fee Structure 2016
18 Rules for approval of Ph.D.research Centre
19 Spiral Binding Circular
20 Circular for Ph.D.Thesis/M.Phil.Dissertation & M.E.Protocol/Synopsis Processing Fees
21 Circular for M.E. Synopsis Approval 2015
22 Circular of soft copy of Ph.D. Final Thesis CD
23 SUS-PET-6-2015 Ph.D.Entrance Process Stayed Circular
24 M.Phil./Ph.D.Course Work Exam form Submission date Dec 2015
25 Circular for University Contribution fee & Sixth monthly Progress Report Fine
26 Clarification Regarding Ph.D Progress Report & Fees fine
27 Anti plagiarism Circular & form
28 Fee Circular BA/BCom/BSc/MA/MCom/MSc 2016
29 Fee Clarification
30 Circular for Fee/Progress report 2016


32 List of Allotted Students PET-6 Engg. Faculty
33 SUS-PET-VI Ph.D Admission Process
34 Call For Information SUS -PET-VI Ph.D Admission Process
35 The Research Methodology Course 
36 Data Pertaining to Newly enrolled Ph.D Scholars
 37 Circular Regarding PET-6 Process & Information Chart Regarding P.G. Course &Ph.D. Guide In Colleges, Schools & Research Centres.
38 Aadhar No. and Bank A/c. Details of Visvesvaraya Ph.D. Candidates and Young Faculty Research Fellows-Reg
39 Necessary Documents for Submitting Ph.D. Synopsis
40 Extension For Synopsis Submission Date
41 Reminder Circular Regarding detailed information of Research Guides
42 Circular Regarding Iinformation of PhD guides and PhD holder Teacher
43 National Research Fellowship (BANRF) 
44. Refree Panel(Pdf File) Refree Panel(Word File)
45. PET-7 Entrance examination advertisement 2019 
46. Circular regarding Ph.D Thesis Plagiarism
47. Regrading Change the guide for Ph.D and M.Phil

Regarding Research field Information of guide

Format Page(Word File)

49. Regarding Research field Information of guide 
Format Page (Word File)
50 Revised Research Area (Specialization) of Research Guide
(Faculty wise) 
51 Circular about Ph.D. six monthly progress report & update fees
52 Circular about Ph.D. thesis format



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