Sr.No. Title of Event Dates No. of Participants
1. SET/NET Workshop (Physics, Electronic Science) 25/01/2016, 27/01/2016, 05/02/2016 -
2. Workshop on Introduction to LabVIEW (Physics, Electronic Science) 06/02/2017 75
3. SET/NET Workshop (Electronic Science) 25/02/2017 10
4. SET/NET Workshop (Physics) 07/03/2017 65
5. International Conference  ETMN 2017 6th & 7th October 2017 150
6. SET/NET Workshop (Physics, Electronic Science) 23/01/2018 79
7. International Workshop on "Untold History of United States and Concept of Nuclear Energy"  04 Jan 2019 700
8.  Interaction Meet of Physics- Electronics Teachers & Students  Jan. 09, 2020  250
9. National e-Conference on "Materials for Emerging Technologies" 22 March 2021 334


SET-NET Workshop

Workshop on Introduction to LabVIEW


ETMN-2017 is intended to provide a common platform for knowledge dissemination for researchers, academicians, practitioners and industrialists across the globe working in the Nanotechnology and MEMS areas.ETMN-2017 is; in continuation of a second conference ETMN 2015; to bring scientist and technology developers in the field of micro and nano domains on one platform to disseminate and discuss the challenges in these size domains. Future challenges of food, energy, water, presumably nanotechnology and Microelectromechnical Systems (MEMS) will be dominating new frontiers of technology to solve these extraordinary problems. These emerging technologies indispensable for developing adaptable man-machine interface, equipment and artificial organs for life support, are going to be technical revolutions in all prevailing science and engineering fields. The sharing of knowledge and dissemination of state of art is the need and key to efficient and optimal advancement in these areas. Click here to Download ETMN 2017 Brochure



International Workshop on "Untold History of United States and Concept of Nuclear Energy" 


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