Research Activity

Research Facilities:

A) Major Areas of Research :

=623; Ore mineralogical and petrographic studies for Au, Ag, C, Pb, Zn and PGE minerals.

=623; Groundwater exploration, management and modelling in hard rock areas with special reference to rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge.

=623; Geochemical exploration for base metals and Sn-W-Mo mineralization in South India.

=623; Fluid inclusion thermocryometry and genesis of ores, rocks and minerals.

=623; A temporal geophysical resistivity variation studies: A tool for earthquake prediction and disaster management.

=623; Development of geochemical tools for groundwater exploration.

=623; Remote sensing studies and environmental management with special reference to west coast regions of India.

=623; Remote sensing for reclamation of degenerated soils and rehabilitation studies.

=623; Remote sensing studies for crop prediction and pest management.


B) Research Activities:

=623; Number of sponsored research projects completed: 06

=623; Ph.D : 22 Students Completed, 24 students working

=623; M.Phil : 06 Student completed


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