1) Senate

2) Management Council

3) Academic Council

4) Faculties 

    Faculty of Arts & Fine Arts          Faculty of Social Sciences                        Faculty of Science 

    Faculty of Law                           Faculty of Commerce & Management      Faculty of Education 

    Faculty of Engineering & Technology 

5) Board of College and University Development (BCUD)

6) Board of University Teaching and Research (BUTR)

    A ) Faculty of Arts & Fine Arts                      B) Faculty of Social Sciences 

    C) Faculty of Science                                   D) Faculty of Law 

    E) Faculty of Commerce & Management        F) Faculty of Education  

    G)  Faculty of Engineering & Technology  

7) (A)  Board of Studies : 

    Faculty of Arts & Fine Arts : 

     English (BOS)        Marathi (BOS)       Hindi (BOS)       Kannada (BOS)

     Faculty of Social Sciences : 

      History (BOS)       Economics (BOS)      A.I.H.C.& A. (BOS)

     Faculty of Science : 

      Chemistry (BOS)         Physics (BOS)            Microbiology (BOS)    

      Geology (BOS)            Electronics (BOS)       Geography (BOS)
     Faculty of Law : 

     Faculty of Commerce & Management : 

     Business Economics      Business Management
     Faculty of Education : 

     Education Psychology

     Faculty of Engineering & Technology : 

     Civil Engineering        Electronics Engineering       General Engineering

(B) Ad-hoc Board
     Faculty of Arts and Fine Arts

     Faculty of Social Sciences

     Faculty of Science 

     Faculty of Law 

     Faculty of Commerce & Management 

     Faculty of Education 

     Faculty of Engineering & Technology 

8) Board of Examinations (BOE) 

9) Grievance Commitee Mebmber List








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